Developments amongst Tonga’s major trading partners remained relatively stable over November.

The total container registrations declined over the month by 68 containers (6.2%) to 1,025 registrations. Container registrations remained higher than the average number of containers recorded in the same month of the past 5 years. Read more in the Container Registrations Report for October.

The total OET receipts for September 2017 declined by $10.4 million (15.1%) to $58.8 million. Lower transfer receipts’ mainly private transfers and lower services receipts drove this monthly decline. Find out more in the Overseas Exchange Transactions report for September 2017.

The annual headline inflation increased by 5.8% in September 2017 as projected. This is higher than a 5.5% reported in August 2017 however lower than 7.0% in September 2016. The continuous rise in annual inflation rate was due to higher prices of imported goods. Read more in the Inflation report for September 2017.

Remittance receipts decline to around $26 million in September 2017, 8.5% lower than the previous month. Total private transfers (particularly family support) drove the overall decrease, followed by a decline in receipts from social benefits. Read more in the Remittances Report for September 2017.

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