Marine Exports Volume

September 2016 | Released on 8 February 2017

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Total Volume (metric tons)
237.4 259.2 272.5 72.8
Tuna 219.5 235.5 248.8 63.7
Snapper 12.58 12.6 9.6 9.1
Others 5.4 11.1 14.1 -
Aquarium Products (pieces)
8,049 4,380 13,031 12,468

Note: Numbers may not add up to the total volume due to rounding error.

Decline in invertebrate exports driving lower aquarium products

Marine Exports

A total of 237.4 metric tons of marine exports1 were recorded in September 2016, 21.7 metric tons (8.4%) lower than that of the previous month. This is however very similar to what was recorded to be exported in the same month of last year which was a total of 238 metric tons. The exports of tuna declined the most by 16 metric tons (6.8%), followed by shark meat and snapper which fell by 5.7 metric tons (51.3%) and 0.1 metric tons (0.5%) respectively. There were no exports recorded during the month for the rest of the categories. Liaison with fishing exporters confirmed that weather conditions in September 2016 may have impacted the catch rates compared to previous month.

Aquarium Exports

A rebound in the exports of invertebrates drove a pick-up in total aquarium export over the month of 3,669 pieces (83.8%). Exports of invertebrates doubled in September 2016, after decreasing for 2 consecutive months. In addition, exports of live hard coral, live fish and soft coral increased by 751 pieces, 689 pieces, and 138 pieces respectively. This outweighed a decline in shellfish exports which recorded 40 pieces less. A rise in demand from

Exports Proceeds

The Ministry of Fisheries estimated the value of monthly export proceeds to be $1.35 million in September 2016, however only $0.9 million were received through the banking system and foreign exchange dealers for export of fisheries and other marine products. An increase of $0.1 million (8.1%) in export proceeds reflected the pick-up in aquarium exports.

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1 - Excluded aquarium products

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